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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Did you know? Tips and Tricks!

Everyone has their own tips and tricks that they learn throughout the years, but there are still some important tips you may not know about. Read the post below and follow the links to find even more neat tips for your home and life!

Overpaying for Magic Erasers?

Did you know that Magic Erasers are actually made of Melamine Foam which can be purchased on eBay for much cheaper than what you are paying for them in the store? Melamine foam has been around for more than 20 years and has many uses! Read more about how this foam works, and its uses HERE.

Put your egg shells to use!

Egg shells contain a ton of calcium which your plants love! After boiling eggs, save the water and let it cool.  Use it to water your plants for a better looking garden! If you want a better use for your left over egg shells, you can crush them up and mix them with your soil or use the broken shells as seed starters. Learn more about this project HERE

Annoying Fruit Flies?

No one likes fruit flies buzzing around the kitchen! Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with a few drops of dish soap and let the bowl sit overnight. The next morning your little problem will be gone. We have personally tried this remedy at First Call and it really works! Be sure to throw out whatever is attracting the flies in the first place! Find the step by step tutorial HERE

Foggy Car Window Blues

Foggy car windows are especially annoying in the winter months when it seems to happen more frequently. Keep a Chalkboard Eraser in your car to rub on the windows when they get foggy. This method works much better than using a cloth, and an eraser can easily be stored in your glove box! Find this trick and other tips HERE.

Extension Cord Hazard

Some of you may plug your extension cord into itself for easy storage; but did you know that extension cords hold pockets of energy in them even when not in use? When plugged into itself, these pockets of electricity continue to circulate and can wear out the inner lining of the cord, causing a fire hazard. Read more HERE.

Unplug and Save Power

Phone chargers and other adapters continue to draw power even when they are not being used. This unused power adds up to 5% of our nations power bill, so make sure you unplug your chargers from the wall when you are done with them. For other easy energy saving tips visit HERE.

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