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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do It Yourself Office Tips!

Nothing helps brighten your day at work like having an office you can be proud of! Take these tips from our First Call Marketing Representative, Cassie, and make your office as fun and interesting as you are. Cassie used items around the house, along with our local Office Depot store to redo her office to make it unique and functional! What ideas do you have?

1. Folder Holder Shelf

Make your office organized by adding this folder holder shelving unit. Folder holders can be found at your local office store in a variety of materials (wood, leather, metal, plastic) for $8-$25 per holder. Cut a cheap board down to size and wrap fabric around it using an industrial stapler. Have Fun Tip Make sure you use a fabric that you love! Be as fun and wild as you like.

Lay holders on their spine and place shelf on top of them. Make sure you have the spacing you want, then attach the shelf using a drill or nails. After you are finished you can even hang the final product on the wall so it doesn't take up desk space!

2. Framed Note Holder

Are you tired of your post-it notes falling off or getting lost? Try making this innovative note holder for your office! Use an old frame around the house or buy one at your local Wal-Mart or Art supply store. Take out the back and glass (you won't be needing these anymore). Have Fun Tip Paint or antique your frame to match your style!

Turn the frame on its back side and hammer nails into either side at the points you would like them. Make sure you measure on both sides so that nails are placed at the same point on the opposite side. Then, use wire and run it across the frame by wrapping it around the nails. When finished you can attach the frame to the wall or make it stand up using some sort of stand. I used two plate stands and tied them to both sides using ribbon to match my shelf in the above project.

Buy you some close pins and clip away!

3. Painted Cork Board

Have a plain cork board laying around your office? Brighten up your space and show your creative side by painting it! Buy paper doilies at your local dollar store and lay them down on the cork board. Hold it in place with your hand, and lightly tap your paint brush around the outside edge of the doilies. Have Fun Tip You can use any color paint or pattern you like! If you don't like doilies, simply use tape to tape off a pattern you like and give you clean lines. 

4. Pen Holder

Everyone uses cups and mugs to hold their pens....try doing something different and make this unique holder to set on your desk! Use paper tubes (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, gift wrap rolls) and cut them down to the size you like. Stack them on top of each other and tie a string around them to hold them in place. Find any scrap fabric laying around the house and wrap around your holder to cover up the outside of the tubes. Have Fun Tip Use colorful or interesting ribbon to tie around the fabric and really give your project a beautiful finished look!

5. Personalize, personalize, personalize
There have been many studies done showing the correlation between your surroundings and your mood. So, take the initiative and personalize your office to make you happy! Add pictures, colors, and items that mean something to you!

For information on how office decor affects your moods try reading this article HERE

Let us know what you think!

Share your ideas for "Do It Yourself "office decor and tips with us below. We may even use your tips in our next "Do It Yourself" post :)

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