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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FREE Printable's to organize your life!

Many of us get to doing so many home improvement and cleaning chores that we start to forget what needs to be done, and when. Try using some of these FREE printables below to make your life easier and more organized. Click images to see printing instructions.

This first printable is from Behind The Studio, and is a Free kitchen cleaning checklist so that you can clean your kitchen to perfection! 

This printable check list comes from Organizing Home Life and is a Daily and Weekly Chore Schedule. Use this list daily to keep on top of household chores.

Printable three is for the laundry room and gives you a helpful checklist of places to clean that could help prevent a fire, like your dryer vents! Print out this chart from and remember we do FREE dryer vent cleanings with the booking of a Air Duct cleaning!

This To-Do List comes from Overflow Living and is a great chart to help you organize your week, things to do, and your shopping list! Print out "To-Do List 1"

Hope these help and be sure to let us know if you use any!


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