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The [project manager] was a great project manager. He kept me up-to-date on scheduling of events for my home. He took the time to remind me ahead of time of the upcoming contractor plan for my home. When you have multiple contractors repairing a home I felt safe as long as your project manager would be at my home with the plumber, cabinet repairs, and flooring.
-Janet Perrin 

[Project manager] kept me well informed . He worked well with my work schedule. He let me pre-schedule what was left to do and always called me back to make sure everything went well. He made this process wonderful!
-Returning Customer

I think all of them did a great job! [Project manager] was so kind and took time to explain everything to me. It was nice being around such nice young men.
-Sarah Sartin 

Fast, thorough, and knew their "Stuff"!
- Pat Vallentine 

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